RU Solanaceae database

Accession details
Institute code NLD162
Accession number 974750136
Accession status D
Genus Solanum
Subgenus Solanum
Section Pachyphylla
Species maternum
Species authority Bohs
Subtaxon authority
Common crop name
Accession name
Origin information
Country of origin Bolivia, Republic of
Geographic area Dept. Santa Cruz, Prov. Caballero
Location of Collecting site Cerro Bravo
Collecting/acquisition source
Latitude of collecting site
Longitude of collecting site
Elevation of collecting site 2000
Collection information
Name of collector
Collecting number
Collecting institute code
Collecting institute name and location
Collecting date 19920610
Verifier's name
Verification date
Donor institute code
Name of donor institute or person L. Bohs, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA
Donor number 97 - 18
Any other identifier
Other information
Acquisition date
Regeneration date
Biological status of the accession 100
Ancestral data
Breeding institute code
Breeding institute name and location
Germplasm maintenance
Location of safety duplicates
Name and location of institute where duplicates are stored
Germplasm availability no
Availability of herbarium specimens EG-RUN
Additional link data
MLS status of the accession
Aegis status of the accession